Flagler Beach United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Open Hearts Open Minds Open Doors
          If you would like to be added to the e-mail prayer chain, send an e-mail to fbumcprayerchain@earthlink.net  or see Sue Baldwin
          Pray for our Military & their Families
          First Sgt.  Brian Constantino
          Lt. Rhett Johnson, USN
          Flagler County US Army Reserve Units 194 & 1186
          Florida National Guard--Flagler County 1st 265th ADA
          Chris Campbell
          All soldiers serving in Iraq & Afghanistan
                         Prayer Requests!
          Bill Apgar, Jr
          Chris  Barwick     (JoAnne's friend battling Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer--META)
          Bill     (Ginger's brother in law cancer)
          Tammy Boyle (Grace, Wisdom, Knowledge)
          Carson Balbach (Peace, Hope, Love, Grace)
          Hallie Bradley
          Jan Burkley
          Marie Burpeau     (Michele's mom)
          Our Sister Church, Buena Vista
          Will Carpenter
          Gladys Chesser
          Helen Coughenhour     (former pastor's wife)
          Jimmy DuPont     (friend of JoAnne--loss of wife, recovering from long illness)
          Christina Gill     (Dutch's daughter)
          Marion Guyer      
          Linda Haltom     (Pat's daughter in law)
          Liza & Peter Horton
          Alex Huff     (Mary's grandson)
          Jean LaMont
          Hannah Metz
          Elizabeth Merlie (JoAnne's aunt)
          Joyce Mize
          Walter Leonard
          Joyce McDonald
          Rufus & Carolyn Page
          Bill Roesch
          Betty Seubert
          Mary Thomas (severe pulmonary fibrosis & heart issues)
          Bryan Tyson