Flagler Beach United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 04, 2021
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UMW Reading Program

The purpose of the Reading Program is to encourage United Methodist Women to expand understanding of and participation in God's mission; to increase sensitivity to all human beings--their needs, interests, and concerns; to encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today; to grow in understanding of scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life; to enhance self-knowledge and to act from that knowledge to strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.

Hannah Metz, Secretary of Program Resources, oversees the Reading Program. There are four plans to earn your certificate.  Plan I requires the reading of 5 books--one from each category.  Books should be chosen from the 2012-2016 selections, plus regular reading of Response.  Plan II requires the reading of 10 books, at least 2 from each category; Plan III requires 15 books with at least 2 from each category plus 5 others; Plan IV requires 20 books during the year, at least 2 from each category plus 10 others.  Plans II, III and IV also require the reading of Response and New World Outlook.  Books, and New World Outlook are in the Church Library and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, each is marked by category and year.  Keep a list of books you have read by category (forms are available) from October 2015 through October 2016 to receive your 2016 certificate. All books are located in the Church Library and are on a first come-first serve basis.

Bonus Books count as 2 books in 1 category or as 1 book in 2 categories

Education For Mission
Latin America (2016) Study Book
Coffee, Tea and Holy Water (2016)
The Golden Cage (2015)
Good God, Lousy World and Me (2015) Bonus Book
The Roma of Europe (2014) Study Book
Awake (2014)
A Twist of Faith (2014)
Growing Up Muslin (2014) Youth Book
Cry of the Giraffe (2013) Youth Book
I Am Hutterite (2013)
Haiti (2013) Study Book
Nurturing For Community
Dreamers, An Immigrant Generation's Fight (2016)
Whatever Happened to Dinner? (2015)
Across Many Mountains (2015)
Please Look After Mom (2014)
Small Things with Great Love (2014)
Fatty Legs (2013)
I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced (2012)

Social Action
Just Mercy (2016) Bonus Book
The Church and People with Disabilities (2015) Study Book
Behind the Kitchen Door (2015) Bonus Book
Return to Sender (2015)
Year of Plenty (2014)
A Place t the Table (2014)
Poverty (2013) Study Book
Make Poverty Personal (2013)
Sold (2012
Spiritual Growth
Created for Happiness (2016) Study Book
Coaltown Jesus (2016) Youth Book
How is it With Your Soul (2015) Study Book
The Well Women (2015)
No Longer Silent (2015)
The Call: Living Sacramentally and Walking Justly (2014) Study Book
Embraced by God (2014)
Strong with Her Faith (2014)
Immigration and the Bible (2013) Study Book
Praying for Strangers (2013)
Laugh Your Way to Grace (2012)
The Journey (2012) Study Book

Leadership Development
The Weight of Mercy (2016)
I Am Malala (2016)
Girls with Swords (2016) Large Print
Sum It Up (2015)
Fulfilled (2015)
Grace and Grit (2014)
King Peggy (2014)
Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership (2014)
Her Place at the Table (2013)