Flagler Beach United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 04, 2021
Open Hearts Open Minds Open Doors
Working for Christ
 By--Rev. Dudley Metz, Retired
Every one who is saved should do something toward saving others. The first thought of a truly saved person is of some friend or friends who are in peril, and the first impulse of a renewed heart is to try to bring those lost ones to the Savior.
         The story of salvation must be told by lips that have first uttered the cry of mercy. The lost must be won by the love of hearts that have first been broken in penitence. The divine blessing of salvation must be carried in earthen vessels to the perishing.
     Every Christian has something to do for Christ in this world. The fullest hands must make room for some little part of the Master’s work. Even the child who loves Christ may at least carry a cup of the water of life to some thirsty soul.
     Every Christian should be deeply imbued with the missionary spirit. A portion of the responsibility for carrying the news of salvation to every creature rests on each follower of Christ. Jesus himself is our example and his life is our pattern. We represent him in this world. He has gone away to heaven, but he has left his people here to carry on his work. He taught the people, he scattered the words of truth, he sought the lost and led them back to the Father. The golden seeds of heavenly truth which his lips dropped we are to seek to scatter everywhere in life’s desert fields. We must strive to follow in his steps.
     The very best thing we can do as we walk the Christian path is to get the words of Christ into their hearts. Christ’s words are living seeds from which spring up heavenly plants to beautify and bless bleak and dreary lives over which sin’s fires have rolled. The tiniest hand and the weakest feet can scatter these seeds in some bare spot where they will grow.
“Are you willing to scatter these seeds?”