Flagler Beach United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 04, 2021
Open Hearts Open Minds Open Doors
Evangelize or Perish
         The declining economy has taken its toll on families, business, government and even the church. Recently a believer expressed concern for the church’s future.
         Some churches have already closed their doors and others are considering smaller buildings as an alternative. Yet, in spite of this, some churches are planning larger congregations or larger buildings. Why is this?
The answer to those closed churches is “spiritual incompetency” and to those who fear the closing of their own, is “lack of faith.”
Jesus once asked his disciples “How is it ye have no faith?” Mark 4:40. Many who are following Jesus today are just like those disciples. Jesus is in the boat with them, in the storms of life with them, yet they are possessed by fear instead of faith.
Level 1, No Faith
(A) Adam had no faith in what God told him but had in what his wife told him.
(B) While Noah built the ark the people laughed, they had no faith in what God had told Noah.
(C) The rich man desired salvation but when given the plan he went away very sorrowful. No faith kept him from
(D) Ananias and his wife had no faith hence they kept a portion of their inheritance and lost their souls.
(E) Jesus returning to his own people could do no miracles because they had no faith.
Level 2, Little Faith
(A) Judas left all to follow Jesus thus he must have had some faith, however, it was not enough to take him all the      way to the cross. His faith was just a little faith.
(B) Little faith caused Peter to deny his Lord.
(C) Little faith caused all the disciples to forsake their master.
(D) Little faith took Thomas to the cross but could not take him to the resurrection. Little faith says “unless I see….”
Level 3, Much Faith
Take no thought for tomorrow, demand much faith. Not only are we expected to walk by faith but to live by      faith. Taking God at His word, trusting, hoping, having confidence in he who has created us, not to abandon us      but to love and to care for us.
If the Lord is “my” shepherd why should I worry about food, drink or a place to lay my head? If I am in trouble and      someone says to me “Don’t worry, leave it all to me I will take care,” shouldn’t I trust them?
If we can trust our friends by what they say, why can’t we trust God? He says, “Prove me this day and see if I will      not open the windows of Heaven and pour you out blessings.”
(A) To the man sick of palsy, Jesus said, “Take up your bed and go.” The man who had never gotten out of bed      before, did as he was told. Much faith takes obedience. Do and you are told, believe.
(B) Mixing earth with his spittle and placing it upon a blind man’s eyes, Jesus said, “Go and wash.” Much faith gave      him sight.
(C) To the woman who washed his feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair, Jesus said, “Thy faith hath      saved thee.”
(D) A centurion’s servant fell sick and he sent elders to Jesus saying, “Speak the words only and my servant shall be      healed.” Whereupon Jesus said, “I have never seen such faith….” Do you have such faith?
(E) The woman with an issue of blood said, “If only I could touch the hem of his garment….” To her, Jesus said,      “Thy faith hath healed thee.” Are you sick? Is your faith strong enough to heal you?
God is willing to revive our faith and to rebuild our congregation—all he asks of us is trust. We must learn to take him at his word. When the children of Israel stood on the banks of the Red Sea, they said, “Take us back.” God said, “Go forward.” Are you willing to go backward or forward?
The asset of a Christian Life is faith.